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21 Studios is building a positive future for men, boys, and fathers with ultra professional videos and events. Our premiere event "The 21 Convention" is widely regarded as a "TED Talks for men" with the best speakers in the world for men and their self-improvement. We've been helping men reclaim their masculinity world wide since 2006.
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Publishing soon to 21 Studios on YouTube, the official 21 Summit 2022 epic trailer!

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January 17, 2022
21 Studios YouTube Partner Appeal (Official)

This was our official 5 minute appeal video (stand alone) sent to YouTube privately per their instructions for the Partner Program video appeal. It was accepted and 21 Studios was reinstated to the Partner Program for monetization. We still have no video examples or transparency for why this happened, and of course, no idea when it will happen again. Thank you for supporting us on Locals and helping us be financially independent from big tech!


Just want to say: Anthony, what you said on YouTube about Kevin Samuels after his death, was a class act.

Much respect, sir. 💖

Moby Cuck

Early access meme

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Cuck Boys for Life

Whatcha gonna do when they cuck for you?

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